Research and Service Functions of the National Institute of Veterinary Research (NIVR), Hanoi, Vietnam

The NIVR, a member of the 'Food Safety Asia' laboratory network, is engaged in scientific research, graduate training, technology transfer, international cooperation and collaboration and consultation services in veterinary and related fields. The NIVR laboratories are equipped with necessary instruments and staffed by trained personnel to carrying out molecular, analytical and diagnostic research and services. The Veterinary Hygiene Department of the NIVR is working on food safety especially zoonotic foodborne diseases, particularly salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis, listeriosis, trichinellosis, teaniasis etc. as they are a public health concern. Further, NIVR is strongly convinced by the One Health concept as the collaboration between animal and human health sectors will be the main drivers in alleviating the risks related to food safety and development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). NIVR also has joined with the International Livestock Research Institute and has initiated several important projects (on-going) on food safety and foodborne diseases in Vietnam. Moreover, in 2015, NIVR participated in a collaborative project with the Antwerp University, Belgium on AMR in pathogens isolated from animal and human related sites in an attempt to explore the relationship between resistant bacterial isolates of animals and humans.

by TRUONG Thi Quy Duong (Research Officer), Veterinary Hygiene Department – National Institute of Veterinary Research No 86, Truongchinh, Dongda, Hanoi, Vietnam.