Update on Food Safety Work in Pakistan

Pakistan is capable of producing best food products in taste, aroma, and yield due to its excellent environmental conditions (such as high variation in soil temperature and microflora, intense sunlight and elongated photoperiod etc.). However, to ensure consumer safety of such high-value food items from food contaminants (such as veterinary drug residues and other related chemical compounds) and also meet requirements of international trade, it is important to develop efficient, reliable and affordable analytical strategies for routine and large-scale food monitoring. Food Safety Laboratories, NIAB (PAEC) are working on these challenges with specific objectives to: Enhance laboratory capabilities for chemical contaminants analysis in food of animal and plant origin complying with international standards using immunochemical and chromatographic analytical techniques. Enhance Pakistan’s competitiveness in food export markets through national/international networking. Create awareness among technical/non-technical stakeholders involved from “Farm to Fork”to produce safe/quality-assured foods