Capacity Strengthening at the Public Health Laboratory, Ministry of Health, Bahrain

The laboratory recently received 2 experts to support a local training aimed at enhancing human resource capabilities and better use of analytical instruments relevant in the testing and monitoring of food contaminants such as pesticide and veterinary drug residues, mycotoxins among others. The one-week training included among others: Effective method development, optimization and validation processes compliant to standards (e.g. ISO/IEC17025:2005) including basic statistical application; cost-effective sample preparation; analytical method development and validation (single/multiple, screening and confirmatory) etc




Improving Food Safety in Bahrain

The Public Health Laboratory has greatly enhanced its capabilities (human resource and instrumentation) for more effective analysis of chemical food contaminants in various matrices. The network provides a platform and opportunity to share the experience with other sister institutions in the region. (Analytical capabilities for residues in foods-Bahrain)